Ischia 13 july 2009

“Beyond expectations, a success that has enriched the island with two evenings we will keep in our hearts for a long time to come”, these are the highly emotional words of arch. Giovannangelo De Angelis, who has conceived and created this event.

The first of the two evenings of the second edition of the Ischia Architecture and Architecture Short Films Prize, held in Piazzetta San Girolamo Square and at the “Corte degli Aragonesi”, was attended by an interested public of professionals, enthusiasts and tourists.

After a longer meeting of the jury due to the high quality of the competing projects, the exhibition of the works at the location Corte degli Aragonesi was inaugurated.

The debate, moderated by Vice-president as well as anchorman of the Register of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of Naples and its Province Giancarlo Graziani saw the participation of important actors of the world of architecture such as critic Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, director Nathaniel Kahn, author of the renowned movie My Architect, architects Matteo Thun, winner of the Career Prize, Giovanni Polazzi of the firm Archea, Paola Bovier representing the Monuments and Fine Arts Office, Silvano Arcamone for the Municipality of Ischia, Alessia Guarnaccia as president of the Italian National Association of Young Architects, Federico Verderosa of the National Association of Bio-Ecological Architecture, Renato De Rienzo of the Rome Film School, Ermando Mennella in his capacity of president of the Hotel Owners Association of Ischia, and Francesco Conversano, director of the movie Megalopolis.

Positive topics and messages were launched, aimed at inviting the architects to concentrate more on their own ethics and responsibility, on the relationship between nature and man and on helping their works to increase the well-being of the community.

The culture of enhancement of the territory was discussed as an issue of high importance also in terms of tourism, not only for the heritage of the island but in general for all the places with the same characteristics in terms of accommodation facilities.

The debate was followed by the showing of the movie Megalopolis, a documentary journey about the huge six cities of Los Angeles, San Paolo, Cairo, Shenzhen, Karachi and Tokyo.

The second evening saw Beauty as the main actress, with the location of the hotel Albergo Regina Isabella and its magic bay, where thanks to the cooperation of the Ischia Film & Music Global Fest directed by Pascal Vicedomini, the Oscar-Candidate film My Architect by Nathaniel Kahn was shown on a huge screen among the rocks overlooking the sea at the presence of a numerous audience.

Afterwards, the winners of the competition section and the special Jury Prizes were assigned their awards.

The Prizes were handed over by excellent figures as the singer Tony Renis, the Regional Assessor for Tourism Riccardo Marone, the newly elected president of the Register of Architects of Naples Gennaro Polichetti. The winners were arch. Matteo Thun (Career Prize), director Francesco Conversano (Special Jury Prize for his work Megalopolis), director Nathaniel Kahn (Luchino Visconti Prize assigned by the Ischia Film & Music Global Fest), as well as the winners of the national competition.

An event which is increasingly becoming a national date not to be missed, a point of reference for architects who have realized works in the field of tourism accommodation.

The evening was rounded off by a commemoration of the late president of the Italian National Council of Architects, arch. Raffaele Sirica, recently departed, to whose memory this edition was dedicated.

“Particular gratitude is felt towards the sponsors, who have made all this possible: Rehau, Weber, Pozzi Ginori, Viabizzuno (providing the lighting for the both evenings), Econom Ferro and Regine idraulica & ceramiche; a deeply felt “thanks you” also goes to Pascal Vicedomini for the great opportunity he offered us, and finally to the staff of the hotel Regina Isabella headed by mr. Eroico” concluded arch. De Angelis after thanking all the young architects of the organizing committee who contributed to this great adventure (Daniela Marino, Simone Verde, Lucia Regine, Marita Francescon, Morena Miglio and Luisa Vitale).

In the hope and the wish that this edition will be followed by another, even more touching and important one.

The winners of the PIDA Ischia Architecture Prize:

Section Ischia Architecture Prize (over 40):

1st Prize: Stabilimento balneare (bathing establishment) in Como – Arch. Marco Castelletti

2nd Prize: Mon Hotel, business hotel in Casoria (NA) – Arch. Francesco Scardaccione

3rd Prize: Ecological restyling of a Design Hotel_Grand Hotel Garden in Barile (PZ) – Arch. Adriana Labella

Section ANGiA (under 40):

1st Prize: Un giardino sul mare (“A garden overlooking the sea”), Procida (NA) – Arch. Colomba Sapio

2nd Prize: Hotel restaurant Grecale, Porto Cesareo (LE) – Arch.s Mauro Lazzari, Marta Montinari, Marco Lazzari, Juri Battaglini, Gaetano Fornarelli

3rd Prize: Not assigned

Section ANAB (Sustainability):

1st Prize: Il bivacco al pian Vadà (Bivouac at pian Vadà), Aurano (Verbano Cusio Ossola) – Arch. Carlo Ghisolfi, Giancarlo Paolino, Luciano Uccelli.

2nd Prize: La cultura dell’ Ospitalità (The culture of hospitality), Presicce (LE) – Arch.s: PelusoVincenz, Pizzolante Sandra, Stendardo Gilberto Salvatore, Bello Salvatore

3rd Prize: Piccolo edificio cinqucentesco (Small building of the XVI cent.), Naples – Arch. Antonio Giuseppe Martiniello

Section “Light”:

Hotel Zollinger, Forio (NA) – Arch. Angela Amalfitano


The winners of the Architecture Short Film Prize competition:

1st Prize: Gruppo 11

It tells small stories and minor aspects of existence.

The time is ours and here time has become a dimension of space, a horizontal expanse. Waiting, boredom, solitude: horror.

To mitigate the horror of human life enclosed in the immense machinery of the city is the task of an architect, according to F.L. Wright.

2nd Prize: Let’s sit down and talk

A designer with an extremely short-term contract. In an unused space available for a few hours, objects that are “exhausted” but have “possible” functions are recycled. By playing in and with the assembled objects, they acquire a new “shape” based on the newly found and acquired “function”.

Special mention: Visioni

With stage movements, clever mimic suggestions and evocative choreographies, abandoned architectural facilities and industrial sheds become skeleton theatre scenes, vivid floors, a true essential scenography.