Launch of 2014 call for projects

By 23/04/2014News @en

The deadline is June, 22nd: the total sum of the prizes offered amounts to Euro 10 000!
Just launched: the seventh edition of the international competition for the PIDA award, the International Ischia Architecture Prize born with the ambition to become the award for the most beautiful Hotels and SPAs in the world.
As in the previous issues, this year architects, designers, planners from all over the world are once again invited to compete on a challenging topic such as “The Architecture of Hospitality”.
The PIDA Prize remains linked to its past while at the same time looking at the future with great interest: as well as confirming the prestigious partnerships with “Ottagono” and the Climate House Agency “CasaClima e CasaClima Network Campania”, this year the Jury welcomes other eminent figures such as Monica Maggioni and Paola Pierotti.
Thanks to the new synergies established by PIDA, the prices of this new edition are multiplied and diversified as follows:

  • PIDA Prize Hotels and SPAs (for realized works);
  • PIDA Prize Concept Hotels and SPAs (for non-realized projects);
  • PIDA Prize Ottagono (the hotel of the year 2030 following the principles mentioned in the theme of the Milan EXPO 2015);
  • PIDA Prize CasaClima (an environment-friendly hotel);
  • PIDA Prize Analist (the prize for hotels awarded by a jury made up of the general public, voting their favourite project via Facebook).

It is important to remind that, this year in particular, the PIDA wishes to consistently move in line with the theme of the forthcoming Milan EXPO 2015, that addresses one question – simple and complex at the same time: “Is it possible to ensure sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for all?”.
This issue, centred on sustainability applied to food, was the inspiration for the theme of the section “PIDA Ottagono”: for this section the participants will have to imagine an ideal hotel concept that, within the 2030 horizon, complies with all the above criteria while having at least 100 beds, a SPA, a restaurant, a fitness room, a swimming pool and a conference hall for 200 people.
Despite the great number of initiatives planned, the timetable for the PIDA Prize will be swift and as soon as July 4th, the ranking of the winners will be communicated on the institutional Website ( the names of the first three classified, however, will be communicated only during the awarding ceremony that will take place on July 25th.
These are the prizes awarded:

  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Prize “Hotels” = € 3 000;
  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Prize “SPA”= € 1 000;
  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Prize “Concept Hotels”= € 1 500;
  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Prize “Concept SPAs”= € 500;
  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Prize “Ottagono”= € 1 000, a subscription to the magazine and the publication of the project;
  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Prize “CasaClima”: basic course + advanced “CasaClima” (ClimateHouse) course ;
  • 2nd classified of the section PIDA Prize “CasaClima”: basic “CasaClima” (ClimateHouse) course +2 books + yearly subscription to the official magazine;
  • 3rd classified of the section PIDA Prize “CasaClima”= basic “CasaClima” (ClimateHouse) course;
  • 1st classified of the section PIDA Analist: software and technical training about energy saving of a value of € 2 000;
  • 2nd and 3rd classified of all sections = PIDA Certificate of acknowledgement.

All participants are reminded that they will have to register on the PIDA website.